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How Travel Changed During The Past 20 Years

07 Sep 2019 - 05:24 pm

Back in the day, travelling involved a lot of things that nowadays we ceased to require for a successful trip around the globe. Disposable cameras, postcard, an impressive carry-on bag or even travel guides, were all part of the 90s travel experience and early 2000. So, if you are wondering how travel changed during the past 20 years, here is our list with the most obvious changes between then and how we travel today.


1 Travel research

20 years ago, prior to travelling you would`ve needed to access several travel guides from your local library and even take those books with you on your trip. Moreover, a local travel agent was crucial in determining how to organise your trip, as he was one of the few who possessed accurate information about the destination you were planning to visit.

Both you and your travel buddy might`ve placed your trust in authority travel guides such as Lonely Planet or Rough Guides. Yet nowadays we mostly use the internet to plan a vacation. With the aid of our mobile phones, we search and install travel apps that provide all the necessary information for a good travelling experience. This is how much travel has changed in the past 20 years.


2 Travel frequency

Today we can easily access travel plans from low-cost airlines, that permit us to travel anywhere in the world on a budget. But 20 years ago, affordable plane tickets were a rarity, making travel less frequent than it is today.

In addition, due to the multitude of travel choices we have today, the manner in which we travel has shifted drastically. 20 years ago, the tendency was to book a two week long holiday trip, while today we prefer to embark in one-week trips or even the popular weekend city breaks.



3 Booking process

In the past, the only option for booking a vacation was to find a travel agency, visit it and receive from them their standard trips. Today, you can take your travel partner and start a joined internet research for the best offers for flights and accommodation in the area you seek to visit.

All the information needed is at one click away and even though you might book a trip from a travel agency, the entire process is likely to be done exclusively online.


4 Accommodation options

20 years ago, you would`ve told your travel mate that you have only one option when it comes to accommodation, mainly consisting of hotels. Today, several travel-friendly apps aid wanderers to find the best and cost-effective accommodation anywhere on the globe. You can opt for any type of accommodation you can think of such as windmills, boats, lighthouses or local homes, which we guarantee back in the past would’ve seemed rather outrageous.


5 Photographs

Before the digital cameras and the internet, travel memories were captured on the famous disposable cameras that included the necessity of developing the negatives in a professional studio. But today with the technological advancements and development of social media tools, photography is used for any types of purpose. Moreover, the possibility of sharing videos or live feeds on your accounts, make the travel experience easy to share with others.


6 Travelling with books

The truth is that 20 years ago being a books enthusiast was tedious for those that loved to travel too. It meant you placed in your luggage the heavy load of books to be read, depending on the duration of your vacation.

Today, this changed drastically, once e-readers appeared on the market. You can load those with as many books you desire, allowing you to enjoy your favourite literature on any type of trip you might consider.


7 Communication with locals

Going to a foreign country and not having a clue about what anyone is saying was the highlight of any trip back in the past. We admit it was rather fun, yet there was a tendency to travel with tiny pocket dictionaries to have some help while trying to receive some information.

Today we can simply use our smart devices and start a travel app with a language dictionary. It is still a fun approach, as misspelling words offered by the app leads to hilarious results.


8 Smoking on planes

One of the best changes of travelling in the last 20 years was the fact that smoking was banned from flights. Back in the day, we can only imagine how uncomfortable it was to fly in a maze of smoke and resist the urge to move away from your chain-smoking passenger.


9 Postcards

Today`s travellers keep in touch with their loved ones with the aid of several applications such as Skype or WhatsApp, as almost everyone has access to a smartphone. It is true that postcards are still sent, yet we can stumble upon them less frequent then it was the case 20 years ago.


10 E-tickets make the best of flying

It is hard to picture how just 15 years ago every traveller had to sit at the airport to check in at a desk just so they receive their printed ticket. Today, we can download our flight`s ticket from the airline`s mobile app and self-print our boarding pass. What is even more interesting is that everywhere in the world public transportation comities from frequently visited cities, seek to implement the online ticketing system, just to allow traveller to buy tickets via phones.


Additional facts

Besides all these changes that happened to traveling during the past years, the most notable one might be the fact that nowadays we can access social travel applications to find travel friends prior to our trip.

A travel buddy app allows a traveller to connect and exchange experiences with either locals or other travellers, which we can definitely say it is the best invention lately. Having a travel partner can make your trip the best, as you can meet and greet new people and exchange international cultural experience on the go.

Bottom line, the travelling experience goes through constant changes as technology advances and produces new ways to improve any type of trip. With easy access to information, travelling today is easier than it was 20 years ago.